I did it again!

I know I posted that I'd start posting again in February and such, however I just got so busy again with school. I never though it would be this crazy at uni. So many exams and assignments, and on top of it I was trying to balance part time job and sports. 

Anyway, I just finished all my exams, and I passed year 1 at university. Huraaaay! :) So now, I still have some time before I head home for summer, so I figures, let's get back to blogging! Such a bright idea, I know, hahaha.

I hope you will all forget me for not posting, and still follow my latest reviews. I just posted review of Hidden by Marianne Curley, so go check it out. 

I was also planning to start this new blog (for at least a year or two) about healthy lifestyle and recipes. I don't know if any of you would be interested in such topic, bu I just thought, why not mention it. Let me know if any of you, and don't be shy ;), would like to read something about my experiences with healthy cooking on budget (and I mean quite a small budget, since I'm a student), exercise, juicing and lot more. 

I love you, and thanks for all of your support. Have a magical day everyone! 

xoxoxo Maria <3