Review: So Many Reasons Why by Missy Johnson

So Many Reasons Why by Missy Johnson
Genre: NA contemporary romance
Released: March 8th, 2013
Publisher: BJJ Publishing
Pages: 175
Series: So Many Reasons Why #1
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Twenty year old Emma hasn’t left the house since she was attacked as a child. Now, with the impending release of her attacker from prison, Emma knows it’s more important than ever for her to regain control of her life. From her unrelenting nightmares, to her strained relationships, to her crippling agoraphobia, Emma feels as though her life is spiraling out of control.

When her professor, Simon Anderson enters her life, Emma must deal with feelings she has never experienced before. 

Though both she and Simon know their relationship is bordering on inappropriate, neither of them are able to ignore the intense chemistry that is quickly developing between them.

What was supposed to keep her mind off the attack has left her more confused than ever. When there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t be together, is simply being in love really enough?

What I liked

I loved characters, especially Emma. I felt like the author really described Emma's emotions very well, and that's why I connected with her. Her relationship with Simon was for me a bit of a shock, because normally you would have 18 years old girl with 20 years old guy, but not 38 years old man (heh). However I think, that's what made this "stereotypical" story original. 
There were also some very funny moments in the book, especially the e-mail part conversation. I couldn't stop giggling while reading it. 
Lastly I cannot forget about the cover of this book, I think it's absolutely gorgeous.

What I didn't like

To be honest, I think the story was very predictable. I figured out almost whole plot within first few chapters. I would also say, that for me the book lacked more action.

Overall thought

So Many Reasons Why really reminded me Easy by Tammara Webber( which I absolutely love) and Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I think this is ideal summer book. There's romance, drama, little bit of action, simply everything what you'd want in lightweight read.
I have to mention though that there is some sexual content ( only few chapters, lol).
Overall I liked the story, and I'm dying to know how will this story continue.

So Many Reasons Why (So Many Reasons, #1)I'd like to thank to Missy Johnson for gifting me this book in exchange for honest review


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