Feature and Follow Friday #2

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Q: We are about to see a lot of posts & tweets about reader conventions, RT, BEA, ALA and many more are starting soon. Which one would you love to attend? Where and why?

I would love to attend all of them, especially BEA; but since I live in Slovakia, it's not possible. I believe though that one day, I'll make another trip to USA and attend some of book and youtube conventions. I'll just have to save up money for the airplane tickets, haha :)

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  1. Great answer! : ) I have the same issue being in the UK

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    1. Yeah, it sucks :) I just wish that there will be some book convention in Europe too :)

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    Love the bakcground, beautiful
    Great FF response
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  3. Thanks for stopping by! Followed back. =)

  4. BEA sounds really fun :D
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  5. Thanks for stopping by my FF. New follower :-) I hope you get a chance to make it over here for one!

  6. I would love to attend any of them. Since I live in Sweden it´s kind of hard though =)
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  7. BEA is on my list too. But it's a six hour drive. Maybe I'll convince someone to go with me and shop while I attend the convention :p Thanks for stopping by. New follower.

  8. BEA is one I'd love to do too! But even being in the US I'd still need a traveling buddy before I could consider going. NYC is kind of intimidating for me. I look like I could be in high school yet I'm 25, so I wouldn't feel too safe being on my own there!

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  9. I am a new follower through FF hop. I haven't been to any yet, but want to go to BEA
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  10. Hope you do too :)

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  11. I hope you get to go one day. New follower and thanks for stopping by! :)

  12. Maria, one day, we'll be able to make that trip over the Atlantic, and maybe we'll do a European Bloggers trip - group reductions, more fun and all!

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    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. I would love to attend one as well, it would be great :)

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  14. Hope you get to attend one day. Thanks for stopping by, following back

  15. I live in the U.S. and I still haven't been to any book conventions! I'd love to go to one though! Hopefully next year I'll have enough saved up to attend BEA in New York!! Here's to hoping!

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  16. Thank you for stopping by. I returned the follow. Have a great weekend.

  17. Wow that would be some distance to travel. Hope you get to go to one soon! New GFC follower, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  18. My best friend/ fellow blogger Janhvi and I live in India and we share your dream about going to BEA at least once. It's so nice to meet someone from Slovakia! Great answer, Maria!

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    Happy reading and have a great weekend! :D

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  19. I know how you feel (Netherlands)!

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  20. I feel your pain, I'm in the UK! I'd love to save up and head to the US for some of the big conventions :)
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  21. Same here! I live too far away as well! So sad!

  22. Hopping by! New follower via GFC! Same here!

  23. hopefully you get to go!
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  24. I'd love to got to BEA as well.

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  25. I know there's a big festival in Budapest this week (http://www.xpatloop.com/news/20th_jubilee_international_book_festival_millenaris_budapest_18_-_21_april), but have you looked at Wiki's lit festival listing? I know you can't trust 100% what's on Wiki, but checking a few near you might result in them still being active (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Literary_festival).

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  26. Hi Maria - I feel for you! I live in the US and haven't been to one either. :(

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    Have a great day.

    Renee @ Succotash Reviews

  27. I really hope these conventions & expos become more international soon so bloggers all over get to attend!

    Thanks for stopping by Maria ♥
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows