Review: Eleventh Elementum by J.L.Bond & Val Richards

Genre: YA Paranormal
Released: December 14th, 2012
Publisher: Get over It
Pages: 294
My Rating: 3 Stars


It has begun! Fourteen years after a catastrophic disaster, the world has regained its balance with the help of the Primortus. They have secretly walked amongst us since the beginning of time, protecting the earth with the power of the elements. When a fourteen-year-old girl is given two mysterious gifts from a father she never knew, she is drawn into their dangerous world of magic. She must learn to wield the power of the Eleventh Elementum to survive. With the help of Will (her best friend), his cousin and her new stepsister, she seeks out the evil that threatens New Zealand. But a black-eyed stranger is watching their every move.
Now, two powerful beings will battle one another and the outcome will determine our way of life. Filled with humor and fast paced action, the series takes the reader on an adventure of destiny, love and loss.

What I liked

I was excited to receive this book after reading other reviews for it. Even though it didn't catch me right from the begining, I think it was still a good first book in the series.  
I also think that the cover of this book is pretty.
I was amazed by the originality of the plot. It is simple and easy to follow. However, it was something totally different that I usually go for, but this dystopian type of book was a good change from my stereotype.
I was taken by surprise that the story was actually happening in Australia and New Zealand. For me, it was a nice change of destination, from your typical setting in America or Europe.

What I didn't like

Okay, well there are several reason why I gave this book only 3 stars. 
I don't know if it was caused by the age of the protagonist or something else, but I found it very difficult to connect with characters in this book. I think that younger readers would enjoy this book more than I did. 
I also have to say that I lacked romance in this book. There was some, but every time I thought that their relationship might go to another level, it didn't happen. 
I also think that the book was slightly confusing at some parts. Even though it was easy to read, sometimes events became so fast that I didn't cached important details.
Lastly I'd have to go back to characters, but I really thing they should have been mre developed as well as their relationships (e.g. with their parents). It would make the whole story come together better.

Overall thought

After all, I have to say that I wouldn't probably buy this book for myself, but I would recommend it to my cousin who's 13. She would most likely enjoy this book.
I was little bit disappointed by this book, but I guess it just wasn't the right book choice for me.

I'd like to thank to J.L.Bond and Val Richards for gifting me this book in exchange for an honest review!