Where have I been?!

Hi everyone! 

I know I haven't blogged in a while, and I'm sorry. There have been many changes in my life in a past few months that I just didn't have time for blog at all. However, as I'm getting hold of things again, I will be posting again as well.

I guess now you are asking what happened that I was out of it for so long? Well firstly, I moved to UK. Say what?! Yes, that's correct. I packed my things, got on a plane and moved few thousands miles from home to start university in the United Kingdom. 

I must say I love it here, I enjoy every single second to the fullest. Although it's a great fun, with new place and school come new responsibilities. So as you can imagine, with the course that I'm doing I've been glued to the chair in the library and kept studying and studying. I also play sports for uni, so that keeps me even more occupied. Finally, I figured out how to put all the pieces of this time consuming puzzle together, and I have some spare time for other activities. Hallelujah! 

I still need to find a part time job, because now I'm officially in the category: Broke College Student! However, I'm a believer, and hopefully I will land a part timer soon. I wish I could read books and make money while doing it though. That would be a dream come true!

Anyway, I really am sorry for not posting, and I hope you will forgive me, wink. I hope you had all an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Maria xoxo 


  1. I live in London! Where about are you right now? I'm not in college yet though, haha.

  2. That is awesome, I wish you luck in all you do!!

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