Review: Prophecy of the Female Warrior by K.A. Young

Genre: YA Paranormal
Released: March 4th, 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 174
My Rating: 4 Stars


Anna Wilkins is a prototypical housewife. She buys groceries, picks up the dry cleaning and hosts dinner parties. Everything was picture perfect from the outside looking in until the life she was born to live collided with the life she was living. Her husband is murdered by a creature from another realm, a creature that is only visible to her. Through her pain, his death awakens a part of her she didn't know existed. She is then thrust into a life of Vampires, Werewolves and Sexy Nephilim Warriors.

Drawn to her by a bond as old as their race, a Nephilim Warrior named Eli finds Anna at her darkest hour and seeks to arouse what lies dormant within her. The scorching sexual attraction she and the Warrior feel for each other is beyond anything either of them can control. Struggling to find her way; her body betrays her mind as she transitions from human to a supernatural being. 

Her greatest challenge will be to determine whether she should trust what she is told that she should be or to rely on her own instincts and allow herself to shape who she will be.

What I liked

I enjoy most of the nephilim related books, so this one was pretty exciting read for me. The story line was very catching and I wasn't able to put this book down, once I started reading it. 
Without giving too much away, I have to say that the love triangle in this book really took me by surprise. I like Anna, she's well developed character as well as Elise (Although I wish that she had been mentioned more in the book). I was changing my opinion on Eli and Nyoka in this book so often, that I don't even know what to think now about them. It's really nice to read something different nowadays, not just a simple love story.

What I didn't like

Even though I enjoyed this book a lot, I felt like the story was rushed. To me it seemed like that the book could be longer. I think that there should have been more descriptions and dialogues. 
One more thing that I didn't dig completely about this book is the cover. I know that many people buy books based just on how the cover looks. I don't think that this cover makes justice to this awesomeness at all, so I wish that the cover was a little different and more eye catching (but that's just my personal preference).

Overall Thought

As I said before, I enjoyed this book a lot. I think it's very well written; it did't lack originality or interesting twists. The story catched me from the first page, and after finishing this book I immediately had to buy a sequel. 
I would recommend this book to my friends and all of you that like nephilim based stories or any type of heroic, fighting, paranormal books.

Prophecy of the Female Warrior (Nephilim Warriors, #1)I'd like to thank to K.A. Young for gifting me this book in exchange for honest review.


  1. Great review! This sounds very appealing.I have been getting into the whole angel genre.

  2. I loved this book :) but totally agree with you on the cover :) even mentioned it in my review that covers usually tell me something about the book but this one I got nothing :)